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Dotted Eye is a full service marketing consulting firm that specializes in creating and providing groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas to target today's savvy audiences. By combining creativity with practicality, and opening the door between the worlds of today and tomorrow, we take ideas and transform them into action through the use of various media outlets; including the Internet, mobile, print, and social media.


While we specialize in certain markets, our experience spans the entire market spectrum.  To say we are exclusive to a niché market would undermine our customers' needs in today's global economy which ulitmately keeps every business and consumer linked in some capacity.


Dotted Eye will enable your marketing needs and strategy to run parallel to your company’s existing marketing and advertising objectives, ensuring the continued image and value that your company looks to attain. In doing so, we will help to place your company’s brand among the list of well recognized and widely respected brands within the market places it services. As a small, hungry, eager, and intimate urban marketing consulting firm, you will not simply be a number on a growing list of clients, but a name on a select group of relationships.

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