Dotted Eye Multimedia & Publishing specializes in creating and providing groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas to target today's savvy audiences. By combining creativity with practicality, and opening the door between the worlds of today and tomorrow, we take ideas and transform them into action through the use of various media outlets; including the Internet, social media, television, radio, mobile, and print.


While we specialize in certain markets, our experience spans the entire market spectrum.  To say we are exclusive to a niché market would undermine our customers' needs in today's global economy which ulitmately keeps every business and consumer linked in some capacity.

Marketing Strategy

At Dotted Eye, we embrace every engagement with the intensity and commitment needed to increase your performance within your target markets. Through our marketing research we can assist your company in understanding and reaching these demanding consumer groups. By bringing an abundance of artistic and innovative ideas that appeal to the emotional drivers of your target audience, we implant you within the lives of your target markets. 

Media Strategy


Media is the virtual maestro of imagery and perceptions which ultimately lead to action in today's trendy urban and youth cultures. Dotted Eye is essentially your "idea vault", housing the most ground-breaking and revolutionary ideas that will propel your brand into the front row of a customers life. Covering all spectrums of media, from virtual to reality, we provide the range of expertise required to enliven and integrate your brand into the lives of your target customer.

Other Services


As a boutique style marketing consulting firm, we have the flexibility and nibleness that is essential for today's truly successful marketing strategies, enabling us to provide varying marketing services. 

  • Marketing Performance / Data Analysis & Analtics
  • Direct / Email / Web Marketing / Social Media
  • Sales & Marketing Operations
  • Market Research
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